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Below are the services we offer at Saviour Kicks. Services are quoted based off the shoe and the services required. All services are not necessary depending on what the owner would like. Additional services can be added to ensure shoes look as new as possible!

Sneaker Cleaning Services + Protective Spray

  • Deep clean upper
  • Deep clean midsole
  • Deep clean undersole
  • Toe cap detailing
  • Laces

Additional Services

  • Salt Stain Removal
  • Lace Replacement (see shop)
  • Undersole Detailing (removal of rocks, dirt, stains, pebbles, etc.)
  • Insole and Inner Lining Cleaning

Restoration Services

  • Upper repaint
  • Midsole repaint
  • Paint touch ups
  • Crease Reduction
  • Deoxidation on rubber/plastic (Rubber soles, plastic tabs, rubber toe caps, etc.)
  • Suede Re-Dye
  • Reglue

Phone Number

(647) 863 - 1487