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Deep Cleaning

All brands, All materials.

Full Deep Clean

Thorough cleaning on the uppers, midsoles, and laces.

Cleaning on sock lining, insoles, undersoles available upon request.

Flat laces can be replaced with new ones.

Midsole Detailing

Save yourself the elbow grease.

Let our equipment and expertise do the work for you.

Scuff Removal

Especially common on designer brand shoes. All surface level scuffs to be removed, no paint necessary!

Stain Removal

These 2 year old Hennessy stains on these $4000+ Yeezy 2s were no match for us.


All painted surfaces are properly prepped and sealed. Our paint jobs are extremely flexible, completely waterproof and wear proof.

Complete Repaint on Uppers

All repaints are prepped properly and are completely wear proof and water proof. Wear with confidence.

Paint Touch Ups

When small areas can be touched up but a complete repaint is not necessary!

Midsole Repaint

Old paint must be completely stripped for new paint to stick on. Paint matching services available as well.

Deoxidation (Unyellowing)*

Reduce the yellowing that occurs on rubber over time and wear.

Paint is never used during this process!

*Results may vary depending on condition, age, history of wear, etc.

Translucent Outsole Deoxidation

Common on Jordan 5s, 6s, 11s, etc.

Any translucent rubber!

Opaque Rubber Unyellowing

Solid rubber soles can yellow as well, we can take care of that as seen on these rare BAPESTAs.

Icey Sole Unyellowing

Also known as "Icey" soles. We can bring back that ice!

Suede and Nubuck Care

Don't risk ruining your delicate suede shoes. We handle with experience.

Suede Re-Dye

Our dye is a permanent industrial grade dye that is suitable for all kinds of suede.

Salt Removal and Suede Nap Restoration

We remove salt and restore the softness on your suede. No more roughness!

Suede Re-Dye

Many colours are available. Suede dyes are properly protected to prevent any colour bleeding off the material.

Shoe Reglue

All reglues are done with Barge SuperStik, and industrial grade glue and the best glue on the market.

Glue holds as it is factory level and allows shoes to be completely wearable for years!

RARE 2004 Air Jordan Eddie Jones PE 12 gifted by Mike Bibby

We are trusted with shoes that the world has never seen quite literally. Personal gift to our client by Ex-NBA Player Mike Bibby.

Good luck finding these on Google!

Additional Restoration Services

Toe Box Crease Reduction

Please keep in mind results depend on the quality of leather, amount of wear, and overall condition. Lineage may still show and creasing will reappear with wear.

Fabric Hole Repair

We'll patch those holes as if they were never there.

And Many More!

Please do not hesitate to inquire. We are always willing to provide an outside of the box solution!